Breast cancer treated by the best medical Oncologist

The number of patients suffering from the dreaded cancer has been increasing with each passing day. One of the worst types of cancer that has been affecting women of all ages is breast cancer. Whatever be the type of cancer and irrespective of the patient being a male or female of any age, it will be necessary to take immediate medical course of action, to ensure that adequate, proper and timely medication is derived without fail. In case, the patient finds any sign or symptom of cancer, then it becomes crucial to visit the qualified, talented and experienced physician without any delay to get prompt treatment. Although there have been studies and researches being conducted on this type of ailment for several decades now, the truth are it is only the initial stage of this disease that can be taken care of. Those who are in the last stage still cannot be provided appropriate medical care, thus eliminating the possibilities of their living.

What is Oncology?

It is a field of medicine, dealing in the treatment and study of cancer. The physician who is specialized in offering treatment for such type of dangerous ailment is known as the medical Oncologist. If the person has been found to be affected with breast cancer, then it will become essential to visit a medical oncologist specialized in breast cancer. The physician in turn will initially consult the qualified pathologist to know about the nature of the exact biological phenomena of the tumor that has developed.

What diagnosis and treatment is offered?

The oncologist diagnoses the issue and provides therapy like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy. The patient is also followed-up on a constant basis, while the patient’s relatives are screened. Once breast cancer has been diagnosed, the patient is then informed with regards to the three major specialty regions of the treatment. They are radiation oncology, surgical oncology and medical oncology.

Different diagnosis types exist. The medical oncologist might perform a biopsy that could be excisional or incisional, various types of blood tests and x-rays. Once the patient is diagnosed with this disease, the treatment will depend entirely upon the different stage that the disease is in.

Prior to the surgery or after it, chemotherapy could be done. This treatment involves various types of drugs, to provide the patient especially those who are in the initial stage, where the cancer is believed t not have spread to lymph nodes or outside the breast. Tumor which has metastasized already or spread to the other body organs can be treated with chemotherapy.

Hormone therapy is the other specialty therapy suggested by the medical oncologist. This therapy is known to interfere with the body’s hormone, which stimulates the ailment’s growth. Patients suffering from initial stage of this ailment or tumor having spread to the other body organs are performed with hormone therapy.

Side effects

According to the world best cancer doctor, breast cancer treatment may have certain type of side effects such as loss of hair.