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When it comes to survival during an emergency, I have always considered my pets as family and give them the same level of concern and planning as I would any family member. As recent times in our history have shown us, to have an emergency plan in place for ourselves and our family is a wise undertaking. When a crisis happens there is usually little time to thoughtfully respond, instead it is likely you will be in “reaction mode”. Therefore, having a well thought out emergency plan is best for the whole family, including your pet family. In developing a Pet Emergency Plan there are several things you might want to consider:

1. What should you do at the first signs of bad weather? If your pet is outside, bring him in. Pets can easily become frightened, confused, and disoriented during a storm. Being in such an anxious state they may run off and become lost. Once your pet is inside, place them in a room that offers the most protection, completely free of hazards such as windows or potentially flying debris. I place all of my pets in the interior bathroom and we wait the storm out together. If you are in a situation where flooding is threatening, go to the highest location in your home.

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